Strategies For New Rummy Players

Indian Rummy is an exciting and competitive game that is played online. It is a simple and fun game that can be played by anyone. Being an easy game, which does not have a lot of rules and regulations and is not complicated to understand, new rummy players often misunderstand it as a game that is easy to win. Online rummy doesn’t have any complex strategies that have to be remembered and other rules that have to be followed. This is one of the best features of playing online rummy, however, it can also lead to new players having a wrong sense of security. There are different types of rummy games that are available on the internet. If you are playing in rummy tournaments or you play a game for cash, it is important to understand even the simplest of rules and devise a strategy that works for you. The free practice tables are one of the best ways to try out the game, understand its rules, and formulate a strategy. 

As the popularity and craze of online rummy grow, there are a lot of new people who are intrigued by the game and want to explore this new online game. Therefore, every day a lot of new online rummy players join the leagues and begin playing the game. While the rules of the game are fairly simple, it is the application of the rules that have to be mastered through sufficient practice and observation. Playing directly in tournaments will do more harm than good and you may even lose interest in the game. Therefore, the best way to start playing rummy is to see, observe, play in practice games, and get better at playing. 

Here are some strategies that new Indian rummy players can follow to get introduced to the game and learn, develop, and implement strategies that will help them win online rummy games in the future:

  • While this may seem like a general and vague tip, the first strategy that you should follow is to focus and concentrate on the game. This game cannot be played and won if you have your attention on 10 different things. The game requires great observation skills and these cannot be developed without putting in 100% effort. Concentrate on the games, focus on the card and you will be able to understand the small intricacies of the game in no time. 
  • Beginners are often confused by the rules and components of online rummy games. Just reading and watching videos is not enough to understand the game practically. Therefore, playing in online rummy practice games is very important. A common mistake that rummy beginners make is that they often bypass playing in practice games and jump straight to tournaments and games for cash. These games have players who have been playing rummy for a long time and know about the different strategies and tricks required to win a game. By doing so, new players often can’t develop a liking for the game and leave as soon as they enter. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that practice makes perfect. You should build your skills by playing in practice games and developing your skills. 
  • Free practice games will also allow you to try out new tricks that you learned or devised without losing cash or any other entrance fee for games. Any new strategy that you have learned should be practiced enough times so that you know every possible outcome that is possible. This can only happen if you play in practice games. 
  • Another basic rule of playing online rummy is to continue playing it relentlessly. Giving up on a game when you are losing may seem like the best option during that time but you have to be persistent and finish the game. If your opponent is winning that means that he has used some strategy to reach where he/she is. Therefore, observe and take notes of the moves of your opponents to learn the different ways in which cards can be handled.
  • Once you have been dealt the cards, your first step should be to arrange the cards in whatever order that feels comfortable for you. If your cards are arranged randomly, it can get confusing and difficult for you to understand which cards to keep and which ones to let go of. Arranging the cards can help you concentrate more on the game rather than figuring out your cards. 
  • Learn which cards to keep and which ones are to let go of. Without this skill, winning any online rummy will be difficult. Observing your opponents and learning which cards are important in which scenario are two of the best ways to learn this skill. 
  • If you have any doubts or apprehensions before you start playing online rummy. It is best to clear that before you start playing. Confusion between the game will cost you the game and you might not be able to do anything about it. 
  • While playing an online rummy game, you should focus on making a pure sequence right in the beginning. This is one of the best strategies of playing online rummy games and the chances to win the game are increased due to this move. This may not be possible in every game but you might get some cards that could form a sequence with minimal addition. 
  • Keep your middle cards and let go of the cards which are the ends. The middle cards have higher chances of forming a pure or impure sequence. The number of options for sequences that can be made with the middle cards is higher than that of any other cards. For example, the sequences that can be formed with a card of number 6 are – 4,5,6; 5,6,7; and 6,7,8. On the other hand, with an end number card, the possibilities are less and therefore the chances are also lower. 
  • Online rummy is a game wherein Jokers could come in handy in multiple ways. If you have a Joker, use it to complete a sequence. This would help you make a sequence faster and would increase your chances of winning the game.