French roulette – game modes, tips, strategies

Regarded by players of all times as the original version of this game, French roulette is a classic of casinos, played very often in both traditional and online casinos. The best argument to play this game is the possibility of winnings. Compared to the other games of this game, French roulette benefits the player first and foremost, and if you use to be interested in searching out more, you have come to the right page. Congratulations on your choice, since this game will bring you the most winnings! In this content you can find the whole thing you are needing for, regarding the rules of the game, the payment scheme, tips, strategies, features and demo mode of this game. Look here for the details.

Regulation and payments

What is different between French and European roulette is the way the table is divided. The way important betting areas are arranged is changed, for example, you see where the first dozen numbers are. The betting area, which seems to make you think of a car race, is specific to this variation of the game and has been added to increase your betting possibilities. It is not an absolutely new element, but just a unique way to present a possible scheme to make a bet.

What is specific to French online roulette?

Apart from the specific terms, “La partage” and “En Prison” – specific to this roulette variation, it is often confused with the European variation, due to the fact that both roulette tables have a single green pocket, or the number 0, while the American variation it has two green pockets. Having a single zero favors the player a lot, because the house advantage is smaller. Classically, the French roulette table is arranged with the wheel in the middle and the table on one side. If you don’t play in one of the casinos in Monte Carlo, this doesn’t really bother you – after all, the purpose of this review is to bring you all the information you need to make money from the comfort of your own home.